R520 eWXT 02 600x600 1

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Product Information

The LUKAS rescue rams not only impress with a convincing lifting power, a particularly firm grip thanks to the “claw geometry” and a particularly long stroke, they can also be used flexibly. For example, our telescopic rescue cylinders are available in three different lengths, which can be used as required. The R 520 eWXT has a minimum retracted height and can therefore be used with even the smallest insertion opening. Its claw technology bites into any material and in any position. The small giant is waterproof like the entire eWXT range and is equipped with a 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue battery. The 9 Ah battery offers the longest operating time in the industry.

Technical Data of the product “R 520 eWXT”
Type: Telescopic cylinder
Dimensions: 502 x 140 x 327 mm
Extended length: 1126 mm
EN-Classification: R 127/325-60/299-18,4
Total lift: 624 mm
Lifting force piston 1: 127 kN
Lifting force piston 2: 60 kN
piston stroke piston 1: 325 mm
piston stroke piston 2: 299 mm
Weight: 17,2 kg
Protection class: IP 58
Series: eWXT