Medkids Baby Board

BRH 676 hi

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Product Information

The Medkids Baby Board helps maintain cervical neutral alignment in infants with the self-contained Pneumatic Positioning Device (PPD). It accommodates the wide range of thoracic elevation requirements without any extra padding.

Features a palm style pump with an air release valve for precise inflation and deflation,  and offers versatile strap configurations with its adjustable three-point harness system.  Made of durable Dupont Cordura and is X-ray translucent.

  • Compatible with Ferno stretchers and isolettes
  • Crescent shaped head blocks secure cervical spines for infants too small for standard size cervical collars
  • Accommodates all central lines, umbilical lines, chest tubes, urinary catheters and other invasive and non-invasive equipment
  • Designed for preterm neonates and larger infants ranging from 1 kg to 7 kg