MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder


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Product Information

MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder helps to clean small amounts of elemental mercury spills from work surfaces, floor cracks, and other hard-to-reach areas in a safer and simpler way.

Many items used throughout industry today such as car parts, stabilisers, thermostats and of course, thermometers, still contain elemental (liquid) mercury. MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder converts elemental mercury into a stable, solid zinc amalgam which helps prevent the release of hazardous mercury vapours.

Notes about elemental mercury spills

  • Elemental mercury easily disperses into fine particles upon impact, becoming much harder to collect. Additional diligence may be required to avoid dropping or scattering through inadvertent contact. Do not allow mercury to be lost in a drain or sewer.
  • Never sweep or vacuum mercury with a normal vacuum cleaner. This will disperse the mercury droplets, increase the levels of airborne mercury vapour and contaminate your equipment.
  • Do not apply the amalgamation powder onto areas covered by caustic (eg. liquor) or strong acid (eg. acid cleaning). This will dissolve the zinc powder and generate hydrogen gas.

Do you require a mercury spill kit? Our mercury spill kit with MercAmal amalgamation powder is supplied with clean up tools and PPE in a handy snap-lock pail to keep your personnel safe on the job.

Code SCMAP05    MercAmal mercury amalgamation powder

Size   500g bottle