Mini Air Boom PVC – 250mm


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Product Information

An air boom is a low-cost inflatable boom which is easy to store, fast to deploy and ideal for use in calm or sheltered waters.

This mini air boom is an impervious (non-absorbent) air-filled, inflatable containment boom designed for fast spill response situations in sheltered and calm waters. When not in use, mini air booms can be stored in small spaces, making them ideal for spill trailers and speciality wheelie bin spill kits.

  • Mini air booms are a cost-effective containment boom providing excellent wave-following performance.
  • This air boom features an integral 100mm diameter air chamber that supports a 150mm-wide weighted skirt creating a total height of 250mm.
  • Air boom is manufactured in high visibility yellow 650gsm PVC material in 15 metre segments.
  • Special end connectors (ASTM) allow multiple air boom sections to be joined together easily.
  • Unlike absorbent booms, the mini air boom is reusable.
  • The mini air boom can be inflated by a mouth piece or foot pump. One 15m length can be inflated within a minute.
  • Mini air inflatable boom is lightweight, easy to handle, easy to clean and easy to repair.
  • Requires minimal storage space and is ideal for storing on reels.

Notes about oil containment booms:

Floating booms or impervious barriers that trap oil on the water’s surface are universally called oil containment booms. They are generally manufactured from PVC or urethane material and are able to withstand the harsh conditions and elements typically found at an oil spill. Oil containment booms typically consist of the following elements:

  • Freeboard – the part of the boom above the water’s surface. Designed to deflect or contain an oil spill.
  • Skirt – the impervious barrier below the water’s surface. Skirt depth varies according to boom type.
  • Ballast – located at the bottom of the skirt and keeps the boom upright in the water.
  • Connectors – allow multiple boom lengths to be joined together to form one long continuous barrier.
    Model Mini air boom
    Freeboard 100mm
    Draft 150mm
    Overall height 250mm
    Section length 15 metres
    Fabric 650gsm PVC
    Weight (per section) 8.5 kg
    Packing volume 0.035 m3
    Ballast 3mm hot dipped galvanised chain

    General boom fabric: Woven polyester scrim coated PVCBoom colour: Yellow or orange
    UV resistance: Excellent
    Chemical resistance: Resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis and solvents
    Operational temperature: -20c to +80c
    Buoyancy to weight: 10:1
    Anchor points: none (use the ASTM connectors to connect anchors)
    Anchor system: 10kg anchors