Multi-Element Skimmer

Multi-Element Skimmer

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This multi-element oil skimmers float on water and use brush elements for viscous oils and dedicated drum elements for low viscosity oils. Multi-element skimmers are floating oil skimmers for removing oils and fuels from the water surface and are ideal for use on ponds, lakes, dams, rivers, harbours, ports and marinas for high volume oil recovery.

  • Use either brush element for high viscosity oils or drum element for light viscosity oils.
  • Oil adheres to the chosen element as it rotates through the water/oil interface. The oil is continuously scraped off the element and collected in the sump, from where it is pumped to suitable storage via an integral on-board pump or shore based pump.
  • Multi element oil skimmers include four 300mm diameter hard bristle, polypropylene brushes for high viscosity oil recovery up to 50m³/h.
  • Alternatively, multi element oil skimmers can include four 300mm diameter polyethylene drums for light viscosity oil recovery up to 24m³/h.
    Rotational speed is adjustable from 0 to 100 RPM (at power pack).
  • A self-priming, suction-type pump transfers the skimmed oil to shore or optional on-board oil transfer pump.
  • An hydraulic power pack provides power for the skimmer or oil pump.
  • Multi-element oil skimmer is manufactured in marine grade aluminium.
  • This type of oil skimmer can be operated in water with a current.
Description Oil recovery rate Code
Multi-element skimmer with 4x brush elements and transfer pump 50,000 litres per hour M50
Multi-element skimmer with 4x drum elements and transfer pump 24,000 litres per hour M24

Made in Australia


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