Non Spark Safety Shovel – Deep Pan, Large Blade


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Product Information

These deep-pan, high-walled safety shovels are similar to a traditional-shape shovel but with a much larger blade. Ideal for spill kits, these safety shovels will not rust nor rot, and are resistant to oils and chemicals. The deep pan and large blade provides extra capacity and is ideal for handling bulky but lightweight materials.

All products in the same range as this shovel have been manufactured with an additive to attract moisture to the surface and assist in reducing the build up of static charge. Simply wipe the blade with a damp cloth prior to use to reduce surface static.

  • Lightweight non spark shovel is easy to use.
  • Reduces the risk of sparks during a spill clean up operation as it is made from polypropylene not metal.
  • Non-spark properties
  • Tough and durable – resistant to oils, fuels and most chemicals
  • Rot and rust proof construction
  • High-grade polypropylene colour compounded to BS 5378 safety green
  • Ideal for inclusion in spill kits
  • Non spark shovel is virtually unbreakable
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Non-stick
  • Excellent wear resistance against concrete and hard floor surfaces.
  • Non spark shovel can be used/stored in temperatures from -30ºC to + 80ºC.
Non spark safety shovel – large blade, deep pan 123.8cm x 34.1cm x 39.5cm HCSFS30