Paper Disposal Bag for Contaminated Waste

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Product Information

Use this brown paper disposal bag to temporarily store hazardous or contaminated waste.

  • Use a brown paper disposal bag if you intend to send your contaminated waste to a landfarm.
  • Made in Australia from brown, 3-ply paper.
  • Paper disposal bag is suitable for use with organic spill kits and absorbents.
  • When cleaning up a spill or retrieving waste, fill bag to 70% full and then seal off the remaining section with tape or a cable tie for safe storage and transport.
  • If the contaminated waste load within the bag is heavy or requires extra precaution, double bag the waste.
  • Never mix used absorbents in the same bag that have absorbed different classes of liquids.
  • Always keep disposal bags filled with used absorbents separate from a spill kit that still has unused absorbents remaining in the kit.
  • Never store for long period as paper bags will weep contained product.
  • Plastic contaminated waste disposal bags are also available.
Description Size Code
Paper disposal bag 3-ply 78cm x 38cm DBP

Made in Australia