Patron 11mm Static Rope

Patron static rope

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Product Information

Teufelberger’s Patron 11mm Static Rope is an exceptionally appealing choice for multiple applications because of its low weight, high breaking strength and low danger of cracking. The rope’s high-twist 32-strand mantle braid provides for high dirt resistance, better grip and high abrasion protection.


  • High-grade polyamide
  • Twisted cores
  • Extra light weight at high minimum breaking load
  • High strength
  • Available in white with red fleck
  • 11.0mm certified with PETZL ASAP (B71 + B71AAA) and ASAP Lock (B71 ALU) according to EN 353-2
  • 11.0mm certified with Anthron DSDplus according to EN 341 A
Diameter    Weight     MBS kN     Avg BS kN
Figure 8
MBS kN Sewn
11mm 75 g/m 32 18 22