DESMI PyroBoom Fireproof Oil Containment Boom

DESMI PyroBoom Fireproof Oil Containment Boom

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PyroBoom fireproof boom is a combination of specially selected materials applied to the Globeboom design to provide a fireproof boom which has proven to be a superior performer during independent tests.

These tests have included 24 hour burns, ASTM fireboom test protocol, and real-world oil-in-ice burns in the Arctic Circle. Unlike most other firebooms, PyroBoom can be used in training exercises without deleterious effects. Even after it is burned, approximately 50% of the original value of the PyroBoom can be salvaged and re-used with in-field replacements, whereas other fireboom is typically scrapped.

PyroBoom requires no special handling, launching or support equipment and can be used just like a conventional boom. Originally conceived as a boom to be used in sweep and intentional in-situ burn operations, PyroBoom can also be invaluable to protect waterfront assets from accidental fires.

Developed specifically for In-situ burning of oil, PyroBoom is the  only product that meets all the responder’s needs from the Arctic to the tropics. In numerous burn tests, including those conducted in accordance with ASTM F 2152, PyroBoom fireproof boom has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness, survivability and ease of use.

Advantages of PyroBoom fireproof boom:
Other fire booms, including those using active water-cooled fabric blankets, are subject to burnthrough and catastrophic failure, especially if any component in the complex water cooling system fails. In addition, these designs are complicated to use, requiring extensive training and practice. They become water-logged; the resulting dramatic weight gain makes subsequent retrieval difficult,  and drying, storage and maintenance virtually impossible in field conditions. In contrast, the advantages of the PyroBoom® design and construction have been proven repeatedly over 25 years of development, testing and real-world use.

Patented refractory fabric
Our proprietary Inconel/Fiberfrax® refractory fabric with silicone coating has been proven in repeated burn tests at temperatures up to 1315°C/2400°F with no catastrophic failures.

Fail-safe operation
Degradation of the PyroBoom refractory material is gradual, predictable and easily observed, ensuring fail-safe operation. Degraded refractory fabric is easy to replace in the field using only common hand tools.

Stainless / glass foam floats
Stainless steel floats filled with glass foam have completed over 150 hours of burn testing with no damage.

Simple modular construction
Boom components are assembled using stainless connectors and off-the-shelf fasteners, making it easy to extend, repair or replace boom sections in the field.

Ease of use
With no auxiliary pumps, compressors or delicate connections, using PyroBoom is a simple four-step process:

  1. Deploy
  2. Collect
  3. Burn
  4. Retrieve

Because PyroBoom weighs practically the same wet or dry, retrieval is much easier than with water-cooled booms.

Low maintenance / life-cycle costs
Except for replacing degraded refractory fabric after a burn campaign, PyroBoom is virtually maintenance-free. It can be deployed, then retrieved and stored with no disassembly or extended drying period, making it ideal for training and drills.


DESMI designs and manufactures an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment. DESMI products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

DESMI’s extensive range of containment booms and oil skimmers supports their oil spill response solutions which are highly trusted in the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or shoreline areas; the arctic or equatorial environment, DESMI delivers proven solutions for all spill conditions and offers outstanding life-cycle costs.


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