DESMI Ro-Boom Oil Containment Boom – Single Point Inflation (SPI)

DESMI Ro-Boom Oil Containment Boom – Single Point Inflation (SPI)

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DESMI booms are internationally acknowledged as one of the most effective, reliable and durable oil containment booms available today. Ro-Boom has earned this reputation in many spills and deployments.

Ro-Boom Single Point Inflation (SPI) oil containment boom is specially developed for fast deployment and a smaller operational foot print. Depending on the size and model, inflation can be from one end or through the reel. The single point inflation feature does not impact on the proven technology and well known operational integrity of Ro-Boom. Indeed, these DESMI booms can still be inflated through the individual chambers if so required. Ro-Boom SPI can be ‘loop laid’ from a single vessel or ‘towed out’ by a suitable support boat.

Ro-Boom Single Point Inflation (SPI) systems feature the well-proven neoprene construction with hypalon rubber skin, chosen due to its second-to-none UV resistance, combined with oil resistance. The one-piece moulded composite construction has complete cross vulcanisation of rubber and reinforcement fabrics. The construction is seamless, with high abrasion resistance, peel resistance and tensile strength.

Ro-Boom lies completely flat when it is deflated allowing for easy cleaning and storage.

The SPI systems, in combination with individual air chambers, provide high integrity. Ro-Boom is fitted with stainless steel fittings and a hot galvanised ballast/tension chain. Internal fibreglass rods are secured with stainless steel brackets. These rods ensure optimum skirt profile under tow. Stainless steel hinge connectors or ASTM connectors are standard.

The SPI system still retains the major advantages of having individual air chambers in case of puncture, which, luckily in a Ro-Boom construction, is very seldom. The long, continuous air inflation chamber is connected to each chamber by a non-return valve system. SPI models are even stronger than the conventional Ro-Boom models due to a 3-ply construction. However, even the conventional 2-ply constructions are still known as the strongest containment booms in the world.

SPI oil containment booms require almost no deck space when deployed from vessels. Contrary to other models these DESMI booms can be used in a DUAL mode: SPI and also Conventional with individual filling of chambers.

Advantages of the Ro-Boom Single Point Inflation (SPI) system:

  • Rapid response boom.
  • Single inflation point for 250m of boom
  • Significant time saving against traditional deployment
  • The system has the extra safety of individual air chambers
  • Well-known, durable Ro-Boom construction
  • Single Point (SPI) or conventional chamber inflation
  • Tensile strenght of 375 N/mm
  • Temperature range °C/°F -30 – 60 / -22 – 140


DESMI designs and manufactures an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment. DESMI products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

DESMI’s extensive range of containment booms and oil skimmers supports their oil spill response solutions which are highly trusted in the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or shoreline areas; the arctic or equatorial environment, DESMI delivers proven solutions for all spill conditions and offers outstanding life-cycle costs.


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