DESMI Ro-Mar Temporary Buoy Fender

DESMI Ro-Mar Temporary Buoy Fender

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Ro-Mar temporary buoys and fenders are the result of years of development and research in conjunction with major marine and offshore operators. They are ideal for on-board storage and can be used as a temporary buoy, fender or lift support unit.

Due to its low storage volume, the Ro-Mar fender is ideal for storing on board vessels for a variety of applications and unusual situations. The Ro-Mar temporary buoy / fender is offered in a wide range of sizes, from 1m³ up to 6m³, to suit customer requirements. The Ro-Mar can also be used as a temporary marker buoy or floating billboard for special events.

The Ro-Mar has undergone rigorous testing in numerous applications and proven its versatility and reliability. Please note, the Ro-Mar is a temporary low pressure fender or buoy, and may not be suitable for all fixed or long term installations.

Advantages of Ro-Mar temporary buoy / fender:

  • Very low storage when not in use
  • Handling is extremely easy
  • Can be inflated/deflated in very short time
  • Top mounted with eyelets
  • Equipped with yellow safety stripes
  • Robust design and proven materials makes it difficult to damage
  • Can be used as both temporary buoy or fender
  • Large range of sizes


DESMI designs and manufactures an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment. DESMI products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

DESMI’s extensive range of containment booms and oil skimmers supports their oil spill response solutions which are highly trusted in the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or shoreline areas; the arctic or equatorial environment, DESMI delivers proven solutions for all spill conditions and offers outstanding life-cycle costs.


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