SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT)

SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT)

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Designed to control severe bleeding in inguinal or axilla areas where
standard tourniquets would not be effective, such as with IED/Blast
injuries or high level amputations.
Compact and easy to use (only four steps), and quick to apply – typically
under 25 seconds. The Target Compression Device (TCD) is placed at or near
the injury site and pumped up until the bleeding stops. Two TCDs can be
used to occlude blood flow bilaterally if needed.
The rugged design ensures the device stays firmly attached to the patient
during transport. The SJT can also stabilise pelvic fractures with its patented
buckle providing clinically correct force. Approved for Axilla Haemorrhage.
Designed to exceed MIL-STD-810g requirements.


  • A strong mechanical buckle component which controls baseline pressure and eliminates slack. Unlike the Pelvic Sling, the AUTOSTOP buckle on the SJT does not lock to allow adjustments as required.
Specification   Metric Imperial  
Height 30.5 cm 12 in
Width 19.1 cm 7.5 in
Depth 11.4 cm 4.5 in
Weight 615.2 g 21.7 oz

Operating Principle
Optimal force is reached when 150kN of circumferential pressure is attained, which extends the prongs from the SAM AUTOSTOP Buckle through the Precision Strap. Pressure is maintained by fixing the strap to the Velcro.


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