Smart Bund

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Product Information

Smart bund drive over bunding is a modular system of pliable, semi-permanent bunding designed to create containment areas on sealed surfaces in workshops, warehouses, storage facilities and factories.

The smart bund drive over bunding system is made from closed-cell foam surrounded by PVC and is an excellent barrier around machines to keep leaks and drips away from walkways.

  • Three height profiles available in the range: 50mm, 75mm and 100mm
  • Designed to spring back into shape after being walked on or driven over by forklifts.
  • Simple and easy to install – cut the smart bund to size, add corners or butt up against wall with an end bung. Glue into place and cover all joins with PVC joiners.
  • Custom build your own smart floor bund to any size or shape.
  • PVC is resistant to most chemicals, oils and fuels.
  • High-visibility orange minimises trip hazards.
  • Designed for doorways, drum storage areas or other light traffic areas.
Smart Bund Modular System 50mm Code 75mm Code 100mm Code
Smart bund 4m x 8cm SB4 SB4X75 SB4X100
45 degree corner – 30cm SB45 SB45-75 SB45-100
90 degree corner – 30cm SB90 SB90X75 SB90X100
End bung (for exposed ends) SBEB SBEBX75 SBEBX100
PVC joiner SBJ SBJX75 SBJX100
PVC to PVC adhesive 500ml SBG SBG SBG
Degreaser 500ml GD.5 GD.5 GD.5
Heavy duty adhesive SBS SBS SBS
Hold down flatbar, aluminium (set of 2) 4m x 2cm SBA4 SBA4 SBA4
Installation kit for hold down flatbar SBA4INS SBA4INS SBA4INS