Sparrow Self Locking Descender

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Product Information

The Sparrow 200R the only manual descender in the market fully certified for two person rescue, not just in an emergency but on a regular basis. The improved Sparrow is designed for high workloads, allowing the operator to ascend, position and descend the working line.

Its EBS (Extraordinary Braking System) offers superior braking and the multi-functional handle with automatic return provides superior descent control but limits involuntary action. The floating cam design prevents accidental ‘reverse loading’.

  • Assisted lowering of two people with the device installed at the anchor point (the operator lowers the rescuer with the injured person)
  • Simultaneous descent of two people where the rescuer descends with the injured person
  • For use with static and semi static ropes certified to EN 1891 Type A, 11mm

The Sparrow was designed to be used in conjunction with the Easy Speed fall arrestor.

  • Weight: 530 g
  • Approved EN 12841:2006-C with WLL 210 kg
  • Approved EN 341:2011-2A with WLL 200 kg with max descent height of 180 m
  • To be used only with static and semi static ropes certified to EN 1891 type A, 10.5 to 11mm

Sparrow 200R User’s Manual