Spartan Split Basket – Stainless Steel & Titanium

Spartan Split Basket – Stainless Steel & Titanium

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Now available in stainless steel or Titanium, the Traverse Spartan split basket is designed for heavy duty and technical rescue with an impressive 11 kN load rating.


  • Fully exposed 22mm top rail allows multiple rescuers the ability to grasp wherever is best suited and unencumbered access for multiple rescuers to grab the rail at any location.
  • Full length outer shell made of high molecular polyethylene (HMWPE) with recessed exterior stainless steel tubing facilitates safe, snag free dragging over rough or craggy terrain.
  • LocSafe triple safety feature ensure connections are secure throughout any operation.
  • Four StratLoad attachment points make it quick, easy and safe to clip in and protects karabiners from wall and rock faces.
  • Foam patient pad is supplied for patient comfort.
  • The split apart frame is specially designed to compactly nest within each other for better storage and transport options
  • Available in orange (not olive green as pictured)
Specification Stainless Steel      Titanium                
Code TRAV11-0129A TRAV11-0127TI
Length 212 cm 212
Width 62 cm 62 cm
Depth 19 cm 19 cm
Weight 15.75 kg 11.25 kg
Load Rating 1134 kg / 11kN 1134 kg / 11kN
Optional Lift Bridle BRB-TLB or


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