Jacketed & Insulated 1500 Litre Emergency Tank Shower

H EXPJ14KS1500

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Product Information

H-EXPJ14KS1500 jacketed and insulated (unheated) 1500L emergency tank shower provides a guaranteed flow of 76 litres per minute of potable water, even when there is no mains water supply. Ideal for use indoors or in hot climates and suitable for use in hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

Weight 340 kg
Dimensions 1420 × 1495 × 3746 mm
Features Low pressure shower rose delivers large quantities of water in an even pattern that is non-injurious to the user.
Thermal insulation assists in maintaining the water temperature in the tank to international standards in all climates.
Instant activation by panic bar or optional foot panel
Optional eye/face wash can be mounted internally or externally.
Optional power chiller or Zero Powered Water Cooler units available for hot climates.
Electrical supply: No power required for base model
Location: Indoor, Outdoor
Climate: Hot (risk of over-heating), Cold (risk of freezing), Variable
Installation: Free Standing / Floor Mounted
Features: Eye/Face Wash
Framework: Stainless Steel
Capacity (Litres): 1500
Inlet Connection Size & Type 3/4” BSP Female
Shower Operation Panic bar (optional foot panel control)
Eye/face Wash Operation Lift lid up (optional foot treadle control)
Supply Pressure 0.5 to 10 BAR G (7 to 145 PSI)
Flow at Operating Pressure Shower – 76 litres/minute
Eye/Face wash – 12 litres/minute
Electrical Equipment – Non-hazardous Suitable for use in areas classified as non-hazardous
Electrical Equipment – Hazardous Suitable for use in areas classified as ATEX Zone 1 & 2. Gas groups IIA & IIB. Temp Class T3
Materials of Construction Shower Rose: GRP stainless steel
Piping & Valve Materials: uPVC and stainless steel
Control Valve – Shower: uPVC 11/2” BSP ball valve
Control Valve – Eye/face Wash: 1/2” 316L stainless steel full flow ball valve with stainless steel ball
Eye/face Wash Strainer: 1/2” stainless steel
Overflow: 1” BSP uPVC
Ballcock Valve: 2 x 1/2” BSP brass
Water Tank: 1500 litre (396 US Gallons) capacity heavy density polyethylene HDPE
Tank Surround and Lid: Heavy-duty GRP in white (green or yellow available)
Shower Frame and Legs: Stainless steel. Polished brush finish (paint options available)
Pull Rods for Valve Activation: Stainless steel
Foot Control Options: Panel foot control – Stainless steel/Treadle foot control – powder coated stainless steel
All Fasteners and Fixings: Stainless steel
Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature 16º C (60º F) (For 0º C (32º F)
Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature 40º C (104º F) (+55º C (131º F) with cooling unit fitted

Effective in environments where a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed. Equally, if there is insufficient water pressure or inadequate flow rates a tank fed safety shower is essential. This 1500 litre capacity model meets and exceeds AS4775, EN15154 and ANSI Z358.1-2014 requirements, providing 76 litres of potable water per minute for the recommended 15 minutes. An optional eye/face wash is available to provide a complete solution.

For outdoor use in hot climates, the addition of a chiller unit is crucial to prevent water within the tank reaching dangerous levels and potentially scalding a casualty upon activation. Choose from a selection of chiller options to guarantee the provision of tepid water. The range includes units suited to both hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

For indoor use, this jacketed and insulated model assists in maintaining a steady water temperature within the tank.

  • Quick and simple to activate using the highly visible panic bar – add an optional foot panel if hands-free operation is required
  • Strong, durable frames are constructed in line with the California Building Code
  • Fiberglass lid with integral inspection hatch for maintenance purposes
  • Fully customisable with a wide selection of optional fittings
  • Meets the requirements of AS, EN and ANSI standards