Zero Power Cooler® for Tank Showers


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Product Information

Your operation is in an area with no access to mains water or power and temperatures over 50 deg C.

How do you provide a compliant safety shower and eyewash?

The 1500L Tank Shower/Eyewash with Zero Power Cooler® is the only solution.

The Zero Power Cooler® does not require power making it perfect for Zone I & II hazardous areas.

The system works in two phases: It reduces the impact of high ambient temperatures in the daytime and cools the water in the tank during the night, ensuring the delivery of safe and tepid water without the need for power and with zero running costs.

Self-Contained – Temperature Controlled – Wind Region D Certified – Hazard Zone I & II Safe

The climate in Australian remote area operations can be unforgiving with temperatures ranging from -2°C to 50°C in 24 hours. In these demanding environments, safety is paramount.
These regions can also be exposed to cyclones with winds up to 300kph. One of the big safety questions is how to provide a safety shower and eyewash system that can deliver tepid flushing solution compliant with AS4775, the Australian Standard for safety shower and eyewash equipment.
The Tank Shower with Zero Power Cooler® is the ultimate solution.
Designed and developed in collaboration with Hughes Safety Showers, this innovative solution is certified for wind region D and cools water stored inside emergency tank showers in hot ambient climates without the need for power!

Compliant Flow Rates
AS4775 requires the safety shower to be able to provide a 76 litre per minute flow rate of tepid water for a period of not less that 15 minutes. The same standard requires eyewash units to be able to 1.5 litres per minute for a period of 15 minutes. To ensure compliance with the Australian Standard, the Hughes Tank Shower/Eyewash has a reservoir of 1500 litres.
This safety shower is gravity fed so there is no need for powered pumps to ensure compliant water delivery.

Compliant Water Temperature
The Australian Standard also requires water to be delivered at a tepid temperature considered between 16°C and 38°C. AS4775 states, “Providing flushing fluid at temperatures conducive to use for the recommended irrigation period is considered an integral part of providing suitable facilities. Medical recommendations suggest a flushing fluid at tepid temperatures be delivered to affected chemically-injured tissue.
Temperatures in excess of 38°C have proven to be harmful to the eyes and can enhance chemical interaction with the eyes and skin.”
The Zero Power Cooler® cycles the water through the sealed system during the night when temperatures are at their lowest. The cool water returns to the tank and the hot water rises. This cycle continues during cooler temperatures. In the hottest part of the day the warmer water stays at the top of the unit and does not affect the water in the tank.

Maintenance Free
In remote areas the problem becomes how to maintain safe water temperature to ensure compliance with the Australian, British and ANSI standard. Traditionally this has been done with a powered chiller which is a suitable solution in non-hazardous areas with a continuous electricity supply. Traditional chiller require ongoing maintenance to ensure it cools effectively.
The maintenance free solution to the traditional chiller is the Zero Power Cooler®. This passive cooling system has no moving parts making expensive service requirements a thing of the past. This award winning sealed system allows you to fit and forget.

Hazardous Zone I & II Safe
We were asked, “What is the ATEX or ICEX rating for the Zero Power Cooler®?” This question is completely redundant when it comes to the Tank Shower with Zero Power Cooler® as it requires no electricity to run.

Award Winning
In October 2019, the Energies Industry Council awarded the Zero Power Cooler® with the Innovation of the year award. This product was also a finalist in the Technology and Collaboration categories

Zero Power  – Zero Maintenance – Zero Running Costs