Striker Monitors STKR50VM

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Product Information

STKR50VM  Male 2” BSP inlet, Male 2” BSP outlet – Long handle

• Sizes 38mm ( 1 ½”), 50mm (2”), 65mm ( 2 ½”) 76mm (3”) and 100mm (4”)
• Available with male threaded BSP inlets or 3 and 4” ANSI Flanged Inlets.
• Male BSP outlets on all monitors to suit a variety of fixed tips or fog/jet nozzles.
• High corrosion resistance – rugged 316 SS construction and fasteners with nitrile
synthetic rubber seals. Perfect for all weather installations
• Full flow waterway.
• 360º rotation with elevation from 75º above to 45º below horizontal.
• The rotating joints can be locked into place and therefore be set and left to work
• Short handle option for vehicle mounts available.
• Narrow front to back profile – ideal where space is limited
• Suitable for firefighting, wash down and dust suppression applications.
• Double row ball bearings on all movements