Strong Built Series Fall Blocks

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Product Information

All Strong Built Series fall arrest blocks are supplied with triplock karabiners and swivel with fall indicator at harness end.

The 7 m version has multiple anchor slots and supplied with Dyneema fibre line. The 10 m and 15 m version have a convenient built-in handle for carrying and are supplied with 5 mm wire.

The wire cable retracts smoothly under light tension and a built in clutch system provides advanced braking. The Strong built Series fall arrest blocks feature fully serviceable composite housing and drum.

7 m 3.4 kg
10 m 6.6 kg
15 m 7.1 kg

EN 360:2002 Certified


Code Integrated Line Length SWL
VCT8G105 Dyneema (PE) webbing 15mm 7 m 100 kg
VCT8G107 Zinc plated steel cable ⊘ 4mm 7 m 100 kg
VCT8G110 Zinc plated steel cable ⊘ 5mm 10 m 100 kg
VCT8G115 Zinc plated steel cable ⊘ 5mm 15 m 100 kg