DESMI Troilboom GP Rapid Response Boom

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Product Information

Troilboom GP (general purpose) is a lightweight rapid response boom that is ideal for operations in ports, harbours, inland and coastal waters – where a quick response is required.

Troilboom is a lightweight, quick to deploy solution with foam flotation, manufactured in PVC or urethane fabric. It is ideal for coastal and port operations where a rapid response to any pollution threat is required. It can be depolyed simply and rapidly into the water, either from a container, storage racks, or a boom reel if required. The average deployment time is 3 to 5 minutes for 200m, and there is no need for any ancillary equipment, such as air blowers, when deploying the boom.

Due to its highly flexible construction, Troilboom has very high wave following characteristics and is therefore able to ride out and provide a useable barrier in much stronger weather conditions than many of its competitors.

Troilboom rapid response boom is available in four different sizes from 0.45 to 1.1m overall, to suit most applications and three different versions depending on the customer requirements. Troilboom is also available with a wide range of ancillary equipment including various storage reels and racks, tidal compensators, towing and anchoring sets etc.

Troilboom incorporates symmetrical closed cell foam floats that allow the boom to either be wound onto boom reels or packed into racks and containers. Troilboom is very simple to deploy and can be used without any special ancillary equipment. Up to 400 metres of Troilboom can be stored on a reel. 200 metres can be deployed in less than 5 minutes without the use of a power pack.

Troilboom is manufactured in bright orange PVC / nitrile-coated woven polyester with three webbing bands for added tensile strength. Handles are fitted approximately every metre along the top of the boom. Internal fibreglass rods ensure the skirt remains upright and the smooth profile of Troilboom enables easier cleaning after use in an oil spill.

Advantages of Troilboom rapid response boom:

  • The highly flexible construction allows the Troilboom to closely follow the wave movements
  • Troilboom can be supplied on skids for rapid deployment by hand
  • Troilboom reels are available in hand-crank or powered versions
  • Choice of fabrics available – 650 or 1000 gsm


DESMI designs and manufactures an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment. DESMI products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

DESMI’s extensive range of containment booms and oil skimmers supports their oil spill response solutions which are highly trusted in the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or shoreline areas; the arctic or equatorial environment, DESMI delivers proven solutions for all spill conditions and offers outstanding life-cycle costs