DESMI Troiltank Temporary Storage Tank

DESMI Troiltank Temporary Storage Tank

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The Troiltank temporary storage tank is a rapid deployment tank available in sizes from 1,000 litres to 10,000 litres for use on land.

Troiltanks are handy, lightweight, temporary storage tanks that pack flat when not in use. When required they are simply unfolded or erected and ready to fill!

The Troiltank is a self-supporting, portable tank. All units have a lightweight frame, which makes the Troiltank exceedingly simple and quick to erect. Troiltanks are available in a wide variety of sizes, the smaller units are especially compact and lightweight allowing one person to carry and fill without special tools.

Troiltanks are suitable for temporary storage of many kinds of liquids including oils and wastewater. Equally they can be used for the temporary storage of oiled materials (clothing, sorbent, trash) prior to disposal.

Troiltanks can also be used for the decontamination of personnel and small equipment. Most Troiltanks are light enough for one person to carry and can be stacked for storage. A Troiltank temporary storage tank delivers a lightweight and versatile solution to the problems of temporary storage of oily wastes. It is a valuable addition for any oil spill clean up operation.

Advantages of Troiltank temporary storage tank:

  • Portable framed temporary storage tanks
  • Supplied in 1000gsm alloy PVC/PU material for strength and versatility
  • Range of sizes
  • Compact storage
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Inexpensive
  • Accessories available: ground and anti-slip mat, drain valve, cover


DESMI designs and manufactures an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment. DESMI products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items.

DESMI’s extensive range of containment booms and oil skimmers supports their oil spill response solutions which are highly trusted in the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or shoreline areas; the arctic or equatorial environment, DESMI delivers proven solutions for all spill conditions and offers outstanding life-cycle costs.


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