Wildland Firefighting Jacket LW Aramid

Wildland 1 Front

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Product Information

This is the next generation lightweight garment specifically designed for Rural/Wildland Firefighting. The J795 is manufactured from a blend of Meta-Aramid and FR Lenzing fibre. This blend provides significant thermal protection in a lighter weight fabric but also provides excellent moisture management which makes this garment is extremely comfortable to wear. This may also be used for road accident rescue and light Hazmat clearance.

  • Fully Opening Metal front Stud fastened
  • Bellowing Cargo Pockets
  • Mic Loops
  • Cuff Tighting Straps
  • Epaulette Holders


R077, R082, R087, R092, R097, R102, R107, R112, R117, R122, R127, R132