3M™ Combat Arms 4.1 Earplug with Dual Mode Attenutation 370-1046, Large

3M™ Combat Arms 4.1 Earplug with Dual Mode Attenutation 370-1046, Large

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The Combat Arms 4.1 Earplug provides dual mode hearing protection. In the open mode, a special non-electronic level dependent filter allows the user to hear lower level environmental sounds like speech while still providing protection against loud impulse sounds like gun shots. In the closed mode, the product performs similar to a conventional earplug, providing protection from continuous loud noises and impulse sounds.

Get greater situational awareness while wearing hearing protection with 3M™ Combat Arms™ 4.1 Hear-Through Earplugs. Our earplugs offer high attenuation against peak impulse noise, up to 160 dB peak. They feature a specially designed filter which allows low level sound through with relatively little noise reduction, so you can stay aware of what’s going on around you. They give sound reduction of up to 16 dB in open mode or up to 28 dB in closed mode. The earplugs allow you to switch between situational awareness in open mode, and high attenuation in closed mode using 3M’s patented rocker switch design. You can change the mode even when wearing gloves. The rocker switch is marked with ‘3M’ and ‘CAE’ for easy switching between closed mode and open mode. In closed mode the earplug acts as a conventional earplug offering protection against steady state and peak impulse noise. A specially designed patented soft retainer helps ensure the ear plug remains securely seated inside the ear. They are available in 3 sizes for accurate and secure fit, this is size small. Colour coded polyester cords are provided in yellow for training and black for combat operations.

  • Dual mode protection for different sound level environments
  • Open mode allows lower level sounds like speech to pass through while still providing protection from loud impulse sounds like gunshots
  • Closed mode performs similar to a conventional earplug to protect against continous loud noises and impulse sounds
  • Soft, flexible retainer clip helps the earplug stay in the ear during rigorous activity


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