3M™ DBI-SALA® Self Rescue Descender Kit, Series 1, 20m

dbi sala srd1 20 australia srd1 20

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Product Information

20m system, SRD1 series, includes descender, kernmantle rope, carabiner, U bolt, storage/deployment box, tracer wire with R-clip, spacer and certification tag.

The DBI-SALA Self Rescue Descender (SRD) is designed to enable a person to perform a self-rescue from an elevated work

  • Provides emergency self-rescue from an elevated work platform
  • Deployment box with descender and lifeline
  • Easy fail safe operation
  • Friction controlled descent
  • Rated for 2 person use
  • Available in a variety of system lengths with application specific hardware
  • Durable construction for maximum durability