3M™ PELTOR™ Wireless Bluetooth PTT Adapter FL6007-WS5, for Ground Mechanic Headset

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Product Information

Bluetooth Adapter for WS Ground Mechanic Headsets

The PELTOR™ WS™ Aircraft Adapter has a Switchcraft plug for connection to the airplane, and uses Bluetooth® technology to connect to a PELTOR™ WS™ Headset. A heavy-duty clip can be used to secure the Adapter to the aircraft. The Adapter has two buttons, one to power the unit on and off and the other to manage the Bluetooth® connection between adapter and headset.

  • Wireless connections between headset and aircraft
  • Connects wirelessly to WS™ Series Bluetooth® Headsets for full-duplex communication
  • Digital noise reduction and echo cancellation on incoming audio
  • Electronic voice guided menu via the headset