3M™ Scott™ Flite COV Airline Breathing Apparatus

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Product Information

FLITE COV is a positive pressure Supplied Air Respirator that also provides emergency respiratory protection and escape capability allowing the user to enter hazardous atmospheres including those identified as immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH). If needed, the switch to the emergency air supply cylinder is accomplished by an automatic change over valve greatly simplifying response to a stressful situation. The unit also features a flame retardant polyester harness with stainless steel buckles, combined cylinder and pressure reducing valve assembly and a rugged mask-mounted demand valve with automatic first breath activation. The FLITE COV is versatile and can be used in applications like confined space entry, hazardous
materials handling and any number of general maintenance tasks in a wide variety of industries including chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas and public utilities.

Product Highlights
In the event of an interruption of air flow from the primary supply source switchover to emergency cylinder air supply is immediately activated by the automatic change over valve to facilitate safe egress. Warning whistle informs user switch has been made to cylinder air.

• Combined cylinder and pressure reducing valve features a locking hand wheel that remains locked in the open position against inadvertent shutting and a pressure gauge
• Compressed air steel cylinders are provided in 10 and 15 minute durations with a 10 minute superlight carbon composite version also offered
• CEJN type coupling as standard; other connections available.
• Features the time-proven Scott Tempest Demand Valve with low inspiratory resistance, automatic first breath activation and responsive dynamic performance
• The unit is comfortable and extremely simple to operate and maintain
• The FLITE COV meets all requirements and is certified to current EN 14593-1:2005 and EN 402:2003 standards (AS/NZS1716:2012)

Complete Sar Systems
The FLITE COV can be integrated with a series of other 3Mtm provided products such as the Modulair airline trolley that accommodates various compressed air cylinder quantities and sizes and a wide range of facemask options, to build a complete supplied air system. Numerous accessories are also available to maximise system functionality.

Demand Valve
The compact 3Mtm Tempest Demand Valve has proven its utility in thousands of global positive pressure breathing apparatus applications. It features servo-assisted, tilting diaphragm mechanism with low inspiratory resistance and responsive dynamic performance, automatic first breath actuation and hands free bypass facility.

Cylinder Options
• 10-minute 200 bar alloy steel; 400 litre free air capacity, empty weight 3.5 kg
• 15-minute 200 bar alloy steel; 600 litre free air capacity, empty weight 5.6 kg
• 10-minute 300 bar superlight carbon fibre; 540 litre free air capacity, empty weight 2.3 kg

FLITE COV is approved for use with the 3Mtm Vision 3 and Promask PP full facemasks. These masks feature ori-nasal inner mask to minimize carbon dioxide dead space and prevent visor misting, polycarbonate visor, fully adjustable, 5-point web, or net head harness, quick fit DV connector for the Tempest, reflex face seal and speech diaphragm.