944ml Bottle Saline Eyewash with Wall-Mount


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Product Information

Salinaax EWB944EC eye wash is ideal for flushing/irrigating the eyes to remove toxic substances and loose foreign materials.

Each 944ml Bottle Saline Eyewash contains sterile isotonic buffered saline solution to use as a first response to chemical splashes or particles in the eye.

EWB944EC Personal emergency eyewash bottles are designed as a secondary eye wash device and is intended for support use, not as a replacement for self contained or plumbed units.

The saline eyewash squeeze bottle should be located in the immediate vicinity of employees working in a potentially hazardous area. It is used to deliver initial first aid while getting the person to a primary unit, or as extended aid when transporting a person from the primary eye wash unit to a medical facility.

Time is critical, the range of eye wash bottles have been designed to ensure that opening and commencement of flushing is achieved in optimal time. Just twist the top to break the seal and commence flushing.

1 x 944ml saline soft squeeze bottle
1 x wall mount