Alkali neutraliser

Alkali neutraliser

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Alkali neutraliser is a free-flowing powder that has been designed to neutralise and absorb alkaline spills.

It is ideal for use where small quantities of substances such as sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), potassium hydroxide (potash), calcium carbonate (lime) or similar have been spilled.

This neutraliser is a colourless to white, free-flowing powder with a pH of 2.2 (10g/l @ 20ºC). Place on and around a spill to neutralise and absorb the spill so that it can be swept up and recovered safely. It is supplied in a handy 5 litre shaker bottle.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must always be worn when using alkali neutraliser to clean up a spill.

Directions for use:

  1. Spread neutraliser onto spill until it is full absorbed. During the neutralising and absorption process, alkali may react with the neutraliser and turn pink initially and then neutral. Some fumes may be emitted. DO NOT inhale the fumes.
  2. Consult your safety data sheet (SDS) regarding ‘safe handling information’.
  3. Dispose of contaminated material in accordance with your local and State regulations.

Alkali neutraliser is hazardous according to Worksafe Australia.

Always use the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when responding to a spill.

Code Description Size Absorbent capacity
GNAL05 alkali neutraliser 500mL shaker bottle 500mL
GNAL5 alkali neutraliser 5 litre shaker bottle 5 litres
GNAL20 alkali neutraliser 20 litre pail 20 litres

Made in Australia


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