ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat AF120

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Product Information

Angus Fire Hi-Combat Mobile Foam Units are fully self-contained foam carts developed to provide rapid deployment of foam to fires and chemical spills.
Typical applications include boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and other high risk areas. They are easily manoeuvred and operated by one person. To operate simply connect to a pressurised water supply.

Designed to fit through a standard door.

Low centre of gravity for maximum stability on difficult terrain.

Large diameter filler cap allows unit to be refilled during operation.

Option of medium expansion foam branchpipe for vapour suppression and bund firefighting.

120 litre capacity keeps weight suitable for off road use, no need for stabilisers or third wheel.

Full range of couplings and fittings to suit local fire brigade requirements.