ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat Responder 140

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Product Information

Angus Fire Hi-Combat Mobile Foam Units are fully self-contained foam carts developed to provide rapid deployment of foam to fires and chemical spills.
Typical applications include boiler rooms, oil storage and loading terminals, paint or spirit stores, airfields, industrial sites, generator rooms and other high risk areas. They are easily manoeuvred and operated by one person.

Hi-Combat Responder 140

Self-contained mobile unit, specifically developed for fast response by  a single person.

Features a monitor with a throw of up to 40m allowing the firefighter to remain at a safe distance.

Delivers unaspirated foam using a film forming foam concentrate   such as Angus Alcoseal, Petroseal, Tridol S or Tridol Ultra.

Suitable for use with foam or water alone.

Large diameter filler cap allows easy top up of the 140 litre tank whilst  in use.

Screw shaft prop outriggers provide stability whilst monitor is in action.

Bronze monitor and nozzle for maximum corrosion resistance.