ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat Titan Monitor


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Product Information

Angus Hi-Combat Portable Monitors are lightweight, self-inducing portable low expansion foam monitors, which are easily deployed by two firemen.
They offer entry level fire fighting for protecting hydrocarbon and other risks that require finished foam applied from a safe distance. They are ideal for volunteer fire teams looking after small tank farms, as well as professional firefighters with storage tank responsibilities. Once set up the units can be left to operate unattended, provided that an adequate supply of foam concentrate is available. Typical applications include bund and small tank protection, rail and truck loading gantries, waste and oily pits.

Titan Monitor

High performance low expansion monitor system for fighting fires in large diameter storage tanks.

Complete package comprises the standard Titan monitor, two lengths of 4” hose, 15m of induction hose and two collecting heads for conversion of 2½”
hose to 4” hose

Two 4” inlets maximises the energy input into the monitor and the output matches a typical vehicle mounted pump.

Titan will put foam onto the top of a tank 20m high from a distance of 30m.

The solution throughput is 4,500 l/min at 10 bar and the foam is expanded to 5:1