ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat Turbex

ANGUS Fire Hi-Combat Turbex

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The Angus Hi-Combat Hi Expansion foam generators are designed to produce large quantities of high expansion foam, for fast and effective flooding of inaccessible spaces (e.g. basements, mines, tunnels, cable ducts, warehouses) with minimal water consumption and subsequent minimal water damage. The units utilise forced air technology and are powered by water turbines driving aerofoil fans, so that only a pressurised water supply is required for operation

Hi-Combat Turbex

Produces up to 200m3 of expanded foam per minute.

30m of expandable polythene ducting ensures accurate foam delivery  as any access is burnt off by fire.

Can also be used for rapid smoke extraction and positive pressure ventilation.

Unique water by-pass system allows performance to be maintained while working against high back pressures.

Enclosed maintenance free water turbine.

Self inducing facility.

For best results use with Angus Expandol High Expansion foam concentrate


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