Arachnipod Foot Options

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The Arachnipod system has many foot options so it can be used on a variety of ground surfaces and conditions. Feet are secured to the base of the Arachnipod’s lower leg with a detent pin.

Standard Foot

The Standard foot is provided with all Arachnipod legs and features an integrated spiked end. The dual-purpose foot’s aggressive tread is ideal for flat or smooth surface applications such as concrete, asphalt, grass etc. and may also be pivoted onto its spiked ends where the ground is uneven or rougher.

Spike Foot

The dual-ended Spike Foot features a rounded end and a spiked tip. The spiked tip is used for point loading and ground penetration applications, while the rounded end is used in situations where the spike may damage or scratch the supporting surface. Included in the Advantage and the Full Accessory Kit, or sold separately.

Soft Ground Shoe

The Soft Ground Shoe is used to prevent Arachnipod from subsiding on soft surfaces. The Soft Ground Shoe is fits over the Spike Foot and clips to the Arachnipod leg to limit the foot’s ground penetration. Included in the Full Accessory Kit or sold separately.

Hold Down Stake

A Hold Down Stake is sued to secure a Standard Foot to the ground. Included in the Advantage and the Full Accessory Kit or sold separately.


12mm Tru-Bolts are can be used in place of hold down stakes to secure the foot to concrete and other hard rock surfaces. Tru-Bolts are supplied in the Full Accessory Kit and also available from hardware stores.


90-0472     Standard Foot 2
90-0120     Spike Foot with Tip
34-0032     Soft Ground Shoes
16-1046-0  Hold Down / Soft Ground Stakes
68-0041      M12 Tru-Bolts


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