Arachnipod Legs

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Arachnipod legs are made of telescopic sections, a head and a foot socket. All legs are supplied with a dual-function Standard Foot 2 and feature alpha-numeric labels which aid communication when setting up leg heights.

The Arachnipod’s patented leg heads are designed with a cut-out edge which forms a movable hinge when one head is slotted together with another leg head. There are three styles of Arachnipod leg, distinguished by their heads: Standard, Pulley and Lazy Leg.

Standard Leg

  • Red coloured head
  • One swivelling rated load attachment point
  • Stabilisation attachment point

Pulley Leg

  • Can be used in place of a Standard Leg to add a pulley function to a tripod, A-frame or other configuration
  • May be used as a handrail monopole
  • Double-grooved pulley accommodates fibre rope up to 13mm diameter, or steel / stainless steel wire rope cable up to 8mm
  • Removable stabilisation point

Lazy Leg 2

  • Blue coloured head which pivots to enable the leg to be angled to a range of 180 degrees
  • One swivelling rated load attachment point
  • Removable stabilisation point
  • May be converted to a Standard Leg by locking its pivoting head with a Lazy Leg Adaptor (available individually or within Accessory Kits)
  • Lazy Leg is used to form a gin or monopole or A-frame with Lazy Leg – additional configuration accessories required
  • Lazy Leg 2 is compatible only with Gin Head 2


90-0108   Standard Leg
90-0110   Pulley Leg
90-0114   Lazy Leg 2


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