Bridgehill Multipurpose Extreme Fire Blanket

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Product Information

The fastest, simplest and most eco-friendly way to isolate and extinguish fires or as a fire shield blanket.

Even a small fire can cause tremendous damage. If it gets out of hand, the consequences can be disastrous. The Bridgehill Extreme Fire Blanket enables you to isolate the flames from a small fire in seconds.

The fire blanket comes with a metal chain integrated to add weight for easier use.

The Extreme fire blanket comes in three different sizes and are ideal for battery fires, power grids, restaurant kitchens, industrial environments, the recycling industry, workshops, storage for small or large amounts of lithium batteries, marine, aviation and military.

How it works

Place the Bridgehill Extreme Fire Blanket over the burning object to immediately isolate the flames. The fire will soon extinguish due to lack of oxygen. Lithium batteries will continue to burn even without oxygen or treatment with normal fire extinguishers.

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Step 1 – Get ready

Take the fire blanket out of the smartbag.

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Step 2 – Cover the fire

Gently cover the burning object.

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Step 3 – Wait 20 min

Make sure the fire blanket is tight all the way around the burning object. Wait at least 20 minutes before you remove the fire blanket.

Why it works better than powder and water

Traditional fire extinguishers, such as foam and water, release toxic fumes into the air and hazardous liquid onto the ground – endangering staff, damaging equipment, and requiring extensive clean-up. A Bridgehill Extreme Fire Blanket doesn’t. Not only that, but it also enables you to reduce the smoke immediately – to protect people and property from the fumes.

It’s simply the safest, fastest, cleanest, and most environmentally friendly way of stopping fire.​

  • Fast and effective – works in seconds
  • Simple – can be used by anyone
  • Clean – no water damage
  • Eco-friendly – reduce toxic fumes or liquids
  • Universal – even works on small electric batteries

± 1.5m x 1.5m
± 2 kg
± 3 x 3 m
± 7 kg
± 5 x 5 m
± 18 kg