CMC Rescue SRT Throwline Bag Sets

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Product Information

The CMC Rescue SRT Throwline Bag Sets feature CMC’s SRT Throwline which is a multi-use water rescue line that comes in several lengths and types of bags.

The handle makes for easy and accurate throwing and has a quick release buckle to attach the bag to a boat or a PFD. Pack cloth and mesh bags both have an ethafoam disk for added floatation. The unique EZ-Stuff bag has integral floatation properties, a side grommet and reflective stripe.

Product Specifications:



Bag Type

Bag Colour

CMC291250 15.25 m 0.91 kg Pack Cloth Orange
CMC291275 22.75 m 1.36 kg Pack Cloth Orange
CMC291650 15.25 m 0.91 kg EZ Stuff Yellow
CMC191100 30.50 m 1.81 kg Mesh Yellow