Disc Skimmer – 1,500 litres per hour


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Product Information

A disc skimmer is a floating skimmer with a series of rotating discs that remove floating oils and fuels from the ocean, ponds, sumps, pits, dams, rivers, harbours and marinas.

This 1,500 litres per hour disc skimmer removes free floating oils, fuels, animal oil, vegetable oil greases and oily wastes on the surface of the water. Small and compact, this disc skimmer is ideal for emergency response trailers and is most suited for use in sumps, ponds or any calm water.

The skimming principle works on the differences in specific gravity and the surface tension between oil and water, where the oil has an affinity for attaching to the discs.

Floating on the surface of relatively calm waters, the discs rotate and pass through the oil layer. The oil adheres to the discs (with minimal water pick up) and is removed with a scraper, draining into a sump before being pumped into a suitable storage vessel or container.

  • The oleophilic (oil-attracting) discs rotate through the oil layer accumulated on the water surface. The oil adheres to the discs and is removed with scrapers, draining into the skimmer sump.
  • The oil is removed from the sump by a ‘shore based’ pump (optional), typically an air-operated diaphragm pump.
  • The five 280mm-diameter discs only pick up a small percentage of water.
  • Excellent skimmer for industrial applications.
  • Its integral air motor drives a shaft which in turns rotates the discs. By controlling the air supply to the motor, the rotational speed can be adjusted to suit the site conditions.
  • A clean, dry air supply is needed for the skimmer (and optional pump).
  • Optional outrigger pontoons (stabilisers) for the skimmer and hoses can be supplied if required. These are required to keep the skimmer level in large or turbulent water bodies

A larger capacity, 15,000 litres per hour disc skimmer is also available.

Description Number of discs Disc diameter Oil recovery rate Code
Disc skimmer 5 280mm 1,500 litres per hour DISC1.5
Feature Specification
Frame Aluminium
Disc material Polyethylene
Scrapers Teflon
Drive Air motor
Oil Outlet 25mm
Outlet Hose 10m x 25mm, PVC, reinforced
Disc speed controller Air Regulator