Disposal Bag for 205L Drums


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Product Information

Use this disposal bag to temporarily store hazardous or contaminated waste in an open-top 205L drum.

  • Extra long disposal bag designed to fit the whole depth of a 205L drum plus peel down the side.
  • Disposal bag manufactured from natural low density polyethylene.
  • 100 micron bag wall thickness.
  • When cleaning up a spill or retrieving waste, fill bag to 70% full and then use the remaining section of the neck to tie a secure knot for safe storage and transport.
  • If the contaminated waste load within the bag is heavy or requires extra precaution, double bag the waste.
  • Never mix used absorbents in the same bag that have absorbed different classes of liquids.
  • Always keep disposal bags filled with used absorbents separate from a spill kit that still has unused absorbents remaining in the kit.
  • Larger contaminated waste disposal bags are available.

Made in Australia

Spill clean up tools have been specially selected to ensure high workplace safety standards are met whilst achieving fast and efficient clean up. An extensive range of clean up safety tools is available.

Note: Always dispose of contaminated absorbents in accordance with Local or State regulations. Disposal methods may include incineration or being sent to approved landfill, depending upon the nature of the waste.

Description Size Code
Disposal bag sized for 205L drums 100cm x 100cm x 150cm DB205N10