Dräger NANO Cylinder (NLL), Type 4

draeger compressed air breathing cylinders accessories for breathing apparatus 3 2 D 36356 2021

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Product Information

The Dräger NANO, Type 4 full composite cylinder is specifically engineered to minimise the weight you carry during hazardous firefighting operations. Thus, it reduces fatigue and increases your agility. It is currently one of the lightest gas cylinders in the market with a shell weight of 2.8 kg (6.8 l of air/300 bar including impact-resistant caps). Designed with PET liner and carbon nanotube technology, it offers weight reduction by more than 47 % when compared to steel type 1 cylinders. Equipped with a lighter cylinder, you also benefit with a longer duration of air consumption and an increase of air supply if using a twinning option. The combination of lightweight sturdy cylinder material with impact-resistant caps ensures high durability and solid robustness.