Dräger PSS® AirBoss

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The Dräger PSS® AirBoss offers best in class ergonomics and is one of the lightest weight breathing apparatus for firefighting. Lessons learned from firefighters around the world as well as latest innovations in technology have led us to design an even safer and cleaner SCBA system to enable you to breathe more easily and for longer.

​Excellent fit
The PSS® AirBoss ergonomics significantly reduce the physical strain associated with carrying SCBAs. Some key features include height-adjustment, a pivoting and sliding waist belt, and easily adjustable harness to fit every shape and size of firefighter. The durable space frame design offers you a low weight and low profile all the while maintaining the SCBA’s centre of gravity in an optimum position for greater weight distribution.

Due to its low weight and class leading ergonomics, you benefit from reduced stress and fatigue which leads to lower air consumption. Moreover, the PSS® AirBoss offers different routing options for the LDV, gauge, and rescue hoses over each shoulder and waist belt to provide you with your preferred fit. The easy to connect reducer handwheel simplifies cylinder removal and fitting. A cylinder Quick Connect option further shortens the time for cylinder changeouts. Our universal cylinder strap allows single or twin cylinder configurations. For a fast cylinder exchange, we developed a new universal cylinder strap and buckle which also keeps your SCBA in a secure position. This conveniently offers you the option of single and twin cylinders using a single system for extended duration operations.

​Enhanced safety
The PSS® AirBoss comes with large reflective surfaces, thus increasing firefighters’ visibility as well as making it easier to locate team members in distress. When you equip the PSS® AirBoss with a Personal Alert Safety System (PASS), it further increases this effect. It positions buddy lights at the front and back of the SCBA. Furthermore, the PASS draws attention to firefighters in distress by generating distinctive visual and acoustic alert signals – e.g. after a fall or impact, when motionless, when reaching low-air, experiencing high thermal stress or activating the manual distress signal.

Next to the wearer’s position, the buddy lights can also indicate the remaining pressure of the air cylinder by emitting different colours, giving team members critical information at a glance. The PASS’ automatic switch on feature activates upon cylinder opening – so its activation cannot be forgotten.

To improve your safety, we also designed an integrated anti-entanglement system to help prevent wires and cables from getting snagged between the cylinder and backplate. In addition, the PSS® AirBoss is equipped with grab handles for firefighter extraction and rescue.

The PSS® AirBoss can additionally be equipped with a Heads-up display. Always within the field of view – the Heads-Up-Display gives firefighters continuous hands-free information of air consumption, therefore enabling you to have an uninterrupted operation.

​Automatic Accountability System
Our state-of-the-art automatic accountability system, Dräger FireGround, supplies the incident commanders (IC) with live information from SCBA wearers –making sure that all SCBA wearers are accounted for at every incident.

The Dräger FireGround gives ICs, an additional, non-verbal means of communication with their team. The PSS® AirBoss can be equipped with a built-in radio for data transmission – connecting each wearer to the Dräger FireGround. To find more detailed information about our automatic accountability system, please see our separate Dräger FireGround brochure or the infographic below.

Data logging
The PSS® AirBoss’ PASS devices are equipped with a data logger that automatically logs alerts, air pressure, battery status and other vital information. Furthermore, this data as well as the entry control officer’s notes and other information are logged in Dräger FireGround. This multi-stage data logging makes it simple for you to record and access post incident reviews in all circumstances.

Bluetooth capability
Driven by forward-thinking technology, we have engineered the PSS® AirBoss Connect with a Bluetooth interface, in order to ensure that the foundations are set for future compatibility to upcoming Dräger innovations.

​Easy to clean
The PSS® AirBoss uses low-absorbent and liquid repellent harness materials which takes on less contaminants. Its overall streamlined design minimises dirt traps – making the SCBA extremely easy to clean. Furthermore, the complete SCBA is machine washable, and the Dräger cleaning process is backed up by Dräger’s warranty. For you it means a significant decrease in equipment downtime.

Simplified processes
All key components are equipped with RFID tags to help the workshop technician maintain asset management and support quick turnarounds. The key components of the PSS® AirBoss are quickly and easily disassembled for service without the need to use tools due to its Plug & Play design. To save you time prior to operations, we included a new electronic high-pressure leak test that ensures operational readiness and reduces air consumption during daily checks.

Flexible battery logistics
Depending on the type of PASS device you choose to add, the PSS® AirBoss is powered by primary power cells or rechargeable batteries. In stand-alone operation, the primary power cells have a one-year lifetime and should be exchanged with every annual SCBA test. If the automatic accountability system FireGround is used, the battery life goes down to approx. 6 months. The rechargeable batteries can be charged while the SCBA is mounted inside the fire engine or separately in a desk-top charger.

​The PSS® AirBoss is available in three standard configurations.

  • PSS® AirBoss Active with a mechanical gauge gives you the lowest weight and simplicity.
  • PSS® AirBoss Agile with an integrated PASS device offers you increased safety features.
  • PSS® AirBoss Connect with advanced sensors and compatibility with Dräger FireGround offers you maximum situational awareness.


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