Dräger SPC 4400 / SPC 4800 / SPC 4900

Draeger SPC 4400 4800 4900 01 D 1880 2018

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Product Information

Splash Suit

  • ​Overall with hood (SPC 4400), protective suit with facial cuff (SPC 4800) or full-body protective suit with visor (SPC 4900)
  • CPM (single use) or CLF (limited use)
  • Antistatic version available

Reliable protection, yet light and comfortable

If you are at risk of coming into contact with solid and/or liquid chemicals while working, only a full-body protective suit can offer you optimal protection. To protect your skin from harmful substances, hazmat suits like the Dräger SPC 4X00 series are the right choice. They are made from coated CPM and CLF material and offer full protection against the finest particles and powders. Plus, the suits protect against many concentrated inorganic acids/alkaline solutions, and are highly resistant to a wide variety of organic chemicals in liquid form. They are CE-certified and classified as chemical protective suits, type 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Common areas of application include decontamination tasks, maintenance, inspection or cleaning, decanting and filling, handling oil and many others.

No matter what your job requires, these suits offer suitable protection for any application

Choose from three different designs:

  • SPC 4400 overall with hood: The suit opens in front and is ideal for convenient single use.
  • SPC 4800 protective suit with facial cuff: This model is equipped with gloves and permanently integrated socks.
  • SPC 4900 full-body protective suit with visor: This suit offers connected gloves and socks and is ideal for use with internal compressed air breathing apparatus worn inside the suit.

Dräger SPC 4400: The ideal protective suit for simple tasks.

The one-piece overalls are available in two different materials (CPM and CLF). The ends of the hood, sleeves and legs are fitted with an elastic band and a thumb loop. The zip runs along the centre of the front and, in the version made from CPM, it is fitted with two cover panels, including adhesive strips. The CLF version is fitted with hook-and-loop fasteners instead of tape, enabling limited use. There is a cover panel in the throat area as well, for safely sealing off the suit. The overalls are designed for use with single-use dust masks, half- or full-face masks, compressed air breathing apparatuses or compressed airline devices.

Dräger SPC 4800: Advanced protection

What sets the Dräger SPC 4800 apart is its unique face cuff which is also built into the gas-tight Dräger CPS. It is soft, flexible and exceptionally easy to handle and wear. The one-piece overalls with liquid-tight bonded seams are equipped with permanently integrated gloves, socks with cuffs as well as a zip on the back. This makes it unnecessary to waste time taping up the suit. It is designed for use with full-face masks in combination with a compressed air breathing apparatus, an air purifying respirator or a compressed air hose device.

Dräger SPC 4900: Total protection for workers and their equipment

Like the SPC 4800, the SPC 4900 features permanently integrated gloves and socks, and opens in the back. Instead of the hood with face cuff, the SPC 4900 features an extra-large hood with a visor. The suit is used with a full-face mask in combination with a compressed air breathing apparatus. The compressed air breathing apparatus is worn underneath the suit, protecting all the equipment against any contamination.