Drum Seal Inert Clay

DST group

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Product Information

Drum seal inert clay temporarily seals cracks and small holes in tanks, drums and machinery.

  • Drum seal is a premixed bentonite clay paste for temporary sealing of cracks and small holes in tanks and drums.
  • Simply push clay into the crack or hole and mould the clay to form a seal.
  • Paste will temporarily stop leaks until the drum or tank can be drained or transported into an isolated containment area.
  • Drum seal inert clay is resistant to a wide range of oils, fuels and chemicals.
Description Weight Code
Drum seal inert clay 200g DST200
Drum seal inert clay 500g DST500

Made in Australia

  • Resistant to wide range of chemicals, oils and fuels
  • For emergency use only – use life is up to 24 hours