Fence Boom – 650gsm PVC

Fence Boom – 650gsm PVC

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This oil containment boom is an impervious (non-absorbent) floating, fence-like boom used to contain oil spills on the water’s surface. Our fence booms are lightweight, compact and ideal for emergency response to contain spills in calm or sheltered waters, such as harbours, rivers and ponds.

This type of oil containment boom is easy to handle, store and deploy with storage bags, cages or reels also available.

  • Lightweight, compact, easy to handle, impervious (non absorbent) oil containment boom.
  • Very cost-effective boom delivering excellent performance.
  • Booms have closed-cell foam buoyancy chamber and ballast chain to hold part of the fence underwater with approximately 40% of the boom above water level. This makes the oil containment boom less prone to sinking.
  • Manufactured in 15 metre segments of 650gsm PVC.
  • The fence boom is easy to store and deploy, taking up minimal storage space due to its ability to fold back on itself (concertina).
  • Excellent boom for emergency spill response trailers.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fence booms are affected by winds over 20 knots and strong currents, therefore only ideal for calmer, more sheltered waters.
  • Special extruded aluminium end connectors (ASTM) allow multiple sections to be joined together easily.

How does a fence oil containment boom work?

Fence booms are floating fence-like structures with foam buoyancy and a base weight to hold part of the fence under water. They are generally flat in construction making them easy to deploy, retrieve and store. This type of oil containment boom is good for calm and sheltered waters.

Notes about oil containment booms:

Floating booms or impervious barriers that trap oil on the water’s surface are universally called oil containment booms. They are generally manufactured from PVC or urethane material and are able to withstand the harsh conditions and elements typically found at an oil spill. Oil containment booms typically consist of the following elements:

  • Freeboard – the part of the boom above the water’s surface. Designed to deflect or contain an oil spill.
  • Skirt – the impervious barrier below the water’s surface. Skirt depth varies according to boom type.
  • Ballast – located at the bottom of the skirt and keeps the boom upright in the water.
  • Connectors – allow multiple boom lengths to be joined together to form one long continuous barrier.
Model Global fence boom GS330
Freeboard 13cm
Draft 20cm
Overall height 33cm
Section length 15 metres
Fabric 650gsm PVC
Weight per 15m section 22.5 kg
Packing volume 0.11 m³
Boom tensile strength 3500kg
Ballast 6mm hot dipped galvanised chain

Boom fabric: Woven polyester scrim coated with PVC
Boom colour: Yellow
UV resistance: Excellent
Chemical resistance: Resistant to hydrocarbons, acids, alkalis and solvents
Operational temperature: -20c to +80c
Buoyancy to weight: 2:1
Anchor points: One per section
Anchor system: 20kg anchors


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