Ferno 9 Emergency Stretcher with Wheels

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Product Information

The Ferno Model 9 Emergency Stretcher is a simple, low profile stretcher featuring an adjustable backrest, telescoping head end frame for maneuvering in tight spaces and a centre hinge to fold for compact storage.

The 100 mm load wheels, low profile and light weight design serves well in vehicles where headroom is limited. The Model 9 is made with lightweight aluminium with a heavy-duty, vinyl-coated nylon cover.

An Aviation model is also available with FAA approved cover and two model PR-STFL FAA approved black patient restraints. Can be used with Model 385-A Storage/Carrying Case.

The Ferno 9 Emergency Aviation Stretcher version has been successfully installed and certified in many aircraft around the world.

However it is not supplied with a certificate for approval for aircraft application. This is the responsibility of the customer in conjunction with an engineer and is subject to (amongst other issues) the aircraft structure, fastener or retention system and patient restraint system.