Ferno PowerX™

Ferno PowerX™

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The PowerX™ powered stretcher is an X-frame stretcher for ambulances and vehicles equipped with tail-lifts or ramps. The PowerX offers improved weight distribution and is ergonomically designed for improved handling and manoeuvrability to enhance operator safety and handling.

With an impressive 400kg safe working load at low height, push-poles and directional wheel locks, the PowerX has proven success in Australia for all patients. To further enhance the stretcher’s usability for Australian and New Zealand paramedics and specialist caregivers, Ferno Australia has included many extra features to the local versions of PowerX. See the datasheet for more details about our Standard and Multi-Purpose PowerX conversions and what they include.

  • Enhanced manoeuvrability – improved wheel configuration and ergonomic push/pull poles and handles
  • Design & Function – lighter design, easier to clean and maintain
  • Reliable power – quick recharge, long lasting lithium-Ion battery technology
  • Confined spaces – four telescopic handles plus corner integrated bump-wheels
  • Infection control – clean lines, wipe clean mattress
  • Operator friendly – simple to use controls, improved manoeuvrability & handling
  • Safety – certified to BS EN 1789 floor lock


  • POWERX – Standard ANZ Version
  • FWE-POWERX – Multi-Purpose ANZ Version
  • FWE-POWERXL – Multi-Purpose ANZ Version stretcher plus 2-Part Stainless Steel Lock
Specifications       Standard ANZ Multi-Purpose ANZ
Product Code POWERX FWEPOWERX – stretcher only
FWEPOEWRXL – stretcher & 2-Part Lock
Length – Shortened 1450mm
Length – Shortened
with Stow-Net
Height – Low 480mm
Height – Raised 880mm
Width – Normal 570mm
Width with SX horizontal 920mm
Safe Working Load Raised Height – 350kg
Lowered Height – 400kg
Power 28V DC Battery 5Ah
Stretcher Weight +/-  88kg +/-  92.5
Fastener (2-Part Lock) N/A 13kg
Stretcher Positions Trendelenburg / Shock Position / Knee Contour
LED Side Lighting Constant White / Flashing White / Flashing Red /
Alternate Flashing Red and White


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