Ferno Res-Q-Mate Rescue Stretcher

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Product Information

Ferno’s Res-Q-Mate Rescue Stretcher is specifically designed for rapid evacuation in building collapses, mine rescue, helicopter and confined space rescue.

The rigid frame also provides an ideal platform to evacuate suspected spinal injuries. Torso and leg flaps comfortably wrap around the patient while a head restraint and four adjustable, colour-coded, chest, thigh and lower leg straps assist in securing the patient.

Additional restraint is provided via an exterior v-shaped arm strap and a long foot end strap designed for a  figure-of-eight configuration. There are also six built-in carry handles that provide rescuers with various carrying options. Constructed of high grade stainless steel and quality synthetic materials the Res-Q-Mate is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products making it easy to clean and also resistant to rot and corrosion.

When not deployed the unit folds compact and sits neatly inside a heavy-duty reflective backpack.

Specification Folded
& Packed
Length 100 cm 185 cm
Width 28 cm 28 cm
Depth 18 cm 10 cm
Weight with pack and bridle 17.5 kg
Load Limit 180 kg