Ferno Resuscitation Masks

RRMM 1 hi res

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Product Information

Ferno Reusable Masks have a see through body with a unique multi-function mask cover that provides an airtight seal while providing patient comfort.


  • Available in reusable or single use
  • Fits standard 15/22 mm connectors
  • Latex Free, hypo-allergenic materials
  • Single Use Masks are contoured with an anatomically shaped cushion for patient comfort and a gas tight¬† low pressure seal

RRMM-5 – Adult Reusable
RRMM-4 – Child/Adult Reusable
RRMM-3 – Child Reusable
RRMM-2 – Infant/child Reusable
RRMM-1 – Infant Reusable
RRMM-0 – Infant Reusable
RRMM-A – Adult Single Use
RRMM-C – Child Single Use
RRMM-I – Infant Single Use