Flowsell PullOut Wall Unit

Flowsell PullOut Wall Unit

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Flowsell PullOut Shelf Systems can be used on freestanding gondolas, walls and in cupboards.

Use in Hospital Pharmacies and Medication Rooms for:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Liquids
  • Other Medications

The Dispensa PullOut Wall Unit offers a dispensary solution created when eight or nine Flowsell PullOut TrayShelves or SlipShelves are placed on a Single Sided Gondola.

Post Height Depth (Overall)
305 405 505
2260mm 407mm 507mm 607mm
Width (Overall)
1 Bay 2 Bay 3 Bay 4 Bay
System 600 635mm 1236mm 1840mm 2440mm
Medications * 75 150 225 300
System 915 950mm 1866mm 2784mm 3700mm
Medications * 110 220 330 440


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