Flowsell Wire Baskets

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Product Information

Flowsell offers another range of Cleanstor Wire Baskets uniquely designed to slide out on roller drawer runners. Cleanstor PullOut Wire Baskets are so versatile that they can be fitted in Cupboards, PullOut Basket Gondolas, UnderBench PullOut Basket Cabinets or freestanding Basket Cabinets.

These Wire Baskets are particularly useful for storing IV Fluids when placed on heavy duty drawer runners.

WB1 Wire Basket 140/560
WB2 Wire Basket 280/560

Wire Basket Dividers

Wire Basket WB1 can be divided two ways.

WD1 2-Way Basket Divider 2W 140/400
WD1 4-Way Basket Divider 4W 140/400

WB2 is segmented only back to front

WD2 2-Way Basket Divider 280/400

Drawer runners have two load ratings.

Light Duty 40kgs used for:

  • Cannulas
  • Catheters
  • Bandages
  • Connectors
  • Airways
  • Stationery

Heavy Duty I00kgs used for:

  • IV Fluid Therapy

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Stocking
  • Fast Access
  • Ergonomic Handling
  • Strong and Robust
  • Hygienic
Cleanstor Wire Basket
Height 140mm 280mm
Width 560mm 560mm
Depth 400mm 400mm
Corresponding Basket   Divider
2-Way 2-Way
Height 139mm 269mm
Length 381mm 378mm
Height 139mm
Length 540mm