FMS Bridging / Climbing Ladders

2015 Bridge Climb

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Product Information

Ferno Military Systems Bridging / Climbing ladders weigh as little as 7 kg to 9.9 kg depending on length and width depending on system length, while providing climbing and bridging capabilities as needed.

Each ladder can be carried by hand by any war fighter in full combat gear.

  • Versatile design allows vertical and horizontal applications
  • Proven down range performance
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminium, finished with FMS low noise signature paint.
  • Special Use (SU) ladder is designed for use with working K9’s.
  • Load capacity of 136 kg
Code Length  Rung
Weight  Load
FA598A2002 2440 mm 482 mm 7 kg 136 kg
FA598A100 3050 mm 482 mm 8.8 kg 136 kg
FA598A100-SU 3050 mm 482 mm 9.9 kg 136 kg

Special Use K-9 bridge has no climbing cutouts in sheet metal